What’s In a Name?

I just realized that I failed to inform you that our shop recently underwent a facelift and a name change.  Apparently that’s crucial information to share with your loyal clients, if you’d like them to find you.

What was once Whack Piñateria or whackpinateria.bigcartel.com



Is now Whack Piñatas or whackpinatas.bigcartel.com.


Easy right?

Great, so now that you know where to find us, go buy all the piñatas!


Welcome to our new space friends!  This is where I plan to share our latest projects, inspirations and maybe even some tutorials.  Please don’t laugh if this is my latest post 3 months from now, just keep on clicking ;-)




Anyway, I’m exited to share that our pizza piñata was featured in this months issue of the Food Network Magazine!  While no member of my family is surprised that they didn’t ask me to make edible food, I’m thrilled to be in print. The Kids insert includes great party ideas which inspired me to make my own Pinterest board for our famous pizza piñata.  I hope you get a chance to click through it, before planning your next pizza party.